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Neuroscience research in humans has enabled decades of impactful discoveries but has primarily been limited to recording brain activity of immobile participants in a laboratory setting. In recent years, advances in neuroimaging technologies have enabled recordings of human brain activity to be obtained during freely moving behaviors and everyday life activities. Such mobile neuroimaging methods can provide unique insights into human brain function and contribute to the development of novel treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Altogether, Neuroscience of the Everyday World has the potential to bring about a new era of human neuroscience in which neural mechanisms can be studied with increased ecological validity and with the ability to address key questions about natural behavior and cognitive processes in humans during real-world experiences.

Co-organized by the Neurophotonics Center and the Center for Brain Recovery at Boston University, as well as the Tianqiao & Chrissy Chen Institute, we are hosting the annual Neuroscience of the Everyday World Conference, launched in 2023.

Click on the link below to find out more about our upcoming conference:
2024 Neuroscience of the Everyday World Conference